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About Me

My name is Aunty Jo and from talking to pet owners I know people put their plans and dreams aside because they feel guilty about leaving their beloved animals alone for a few hours, let alone a week or more.

I am a pet owner myself and my clients are confident that I will put their animals' needs first.
All your pets will be treated as one of the family, if you allow them on the sofa then they can here too! Likewise I will listen to you and how you want your pet to be treated so if they aren't allowed on the sofa at home and you want to keep it that way I will obey!

I have always loved animals - we have two Shih-Tzu's called Eddi and Leo, 2 canaries who are so in love, numerous fish, a tortoise and lots of harvest mice..... I am sure there will be more!

Previously to the Shih-Tzu's I had a gorgeous Briard who was our first family dog who was our pride and joy. 

Walking Izzi and meeting other dog-owners helped me realise I could turn my interest into a small business that would also help other people.

I am sure I can help you!

Having a trustworthy, reliable and friendly aunt to have your parrots for a sleepover, walk your boisterous puppy or simply feed your cat can set you free to enjoy:

- A leisurely day out shopping

- A new hobby

- A weekend away

- A proper holiday



My services include:

- Dog-walking (One or two walks per day)

-Feeding in their own homes

- Play dates

- Sleepovers

I will feed your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, cats and canaries. I will walk your dog or take them home with me for the afternoon or look after them in an emergency.

I can post photographs of your pets on my facebook page so you can see that they are happy, well looked after and enjoying themselves with me.

I appreciate that life can throw up unexpected situations - ill-health, teenagers needing help to settle at university, family demands- and pet owners cannot always make arrangements far in advance. All you need to do is contact me by telephone or e-mail to make a booking.

If you have a complicated or unusual request, please call me to so we can discuss it and come up with a solution.

I have even been known to bring your pet to special occasions and weddings for photo opportunities!

I am just a bark, meow, chirp - or phone call away.