Aunty Jo's services

Before we met Aunty Jo we rarely went out for more that an hour or so. We asked her to feed our three Yorkies and then to take them for walks. They love her and Jo loves them too. For the first time in years, we have been on day trips to france and go to Spain two or three times a year. We trust Aunty Jo with the keys to our home, she is honest, friendly and reliable and we would highly recommend her. Aunty Jo made our lives so easy we decided to get two Chichuahuas to add to our family!
Val & Dave

Aunty Jo helps me out so much. I work away a lot of the time and my little boy Shih-Tzu Louis loves his little breaks staying with Jo's two fluffballs.  I know Louis is looked after, Jo even had him for six weeks after a major back operation giving him his physio and care he needed.


Rosie and Austin are real scaredy cats, they hate change and catteries were not an option. Aunty Jo visits them twice a day and I know she gives them love and cuddles....they tell me!

Jen and Mike

We used to have to take our two parrots to a place in Crawley when we went away, now we just pop them round to Aunty Jo which is less stressful than driving all those miles. They have stayed numerous times and always come home fact sometimes too happy as they get a lot of attention and family intervention and then come home to us quiet folk!

Irene and Alan

Aunty Jo came highly recommended and is proving to be a wonderful addition to Sasha's day! Jo is reliable and well up to the challenge of our very energetic dog. Love her notes and feedback including one of the best photos ever taken of Sasha. Now we don't know what we would do without her.


Charlie enjoys his time with Aunty Jo half way through the day. Sometimes they go to the beach, other times they find Charlie's best dog friend and he has a mad playtime, and sometimes they find themselves in places Jo has never been before!

Jo has taken away the worry of having to go to work and leaving your best friend behind.


I like the fact that Aunty Jo will always try to help at short notice. A quick call and she bends over backwards to help. My Lottie loves her Aunty JoJo's! Thumper our bunny is always in good hands when we go on holiday too.


Due to medical reasons I needed a dog walker to help me out. I had seen Aunty Jo at our local park and she always had a great rapport with the dogs she had with her. Dudley, my GSD is quite a handful, but is no bother with Jo as she has a positive calming influence on him and its a joy to see them trotting off down the road. We have also come up with an emergency plan to look after my Chickens, Rabbits, Canaries, Gerbils, Fish, Rhea and also keeping Dudley at home should I be admitted to hospital. She has done more than her contractual obligations and has been an unbelievable help. Thank you so much Aunty Jo.Sue, Dudley and all...